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Friday, July 03, 2015

My Instagram Weekly Round Up – Extra Large Update!

I'm obsessed with Instagram – it's my favorite online home! Here's a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren't on Instagram, come and join me! And you can click here to see all the Instagram updates right here on my blog!

Friday, June 19 

Sweet message found in my hood.

Today's it's acupuncture, lunch with Nichole, unpacking the UK luggage, nesting back in, a couple errands, and one giant green smoothie. Being home feels amazing.

 While in London last week, I was walking back to my hotel from an amazing Thai massage and stumbled upon a store called Cath Kidston. I'm not a big shopper (I'd rather a massage) and it's rare I find a store I love. Friends, this was heaven at first site, just like the shoe store from last week too. What are the chances? Cath Kidston is all about modern vintage and not only sells the most delightful dresses, but also a ton of kitchen wares, tote bags, kid stuff, and so much more. Their patterns are delicious. It took me a good two hours looking at every single thing and scheming how much more I could fit into my luggage. And even better? Amazing sales. I ended up with the farm dress, this western dress (complete with a cowboy, cacti, and covered wagons), and a couple others. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but it's not. I just love sharing what I love. And this find was a good one. Turns out they're a huge popular store all over the world and I'm just late on the uptake.
Saturday, June 20

I decorated myself up today. Hello 40! I'm so happy to have made it here and I hope to have another 40 years. Life is beautiful, messy, and ultimately holy. I like it. Xxo

Feeling the birthday love today. John organized a surprise gathering of some of my friends here at our house and it's been the sweetest day ever. And hello flower explosion!!!!

Food Art Love in my kitchen working her magic and making deliciousness. 

These arrived in the middle of the festivities. And made my heart so happy. 

Sunday, June 21

I had a rough early start in life, as many of us do. I had an absent, alcoholic bio father, then a gentle and kind step father who died tragically, then a couple of more step dads, including Greggie who I adore and love deeply and has been in my life since my teen years. Anyway, I was worried about having a family of my own, hoping I could provide stability and joy in the early years. I could never have predicted how healing it would be to have a husband who is an incredibly nurturing father. To watch him play, teach, honor, and love our kid to pieces has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. In so many ways, True is having a childhood of dreams. And it's in large part because of Papa John. emojiemoji and so much love to all the fathers out there who are engaged and in love with their families. It means the world to the kids, and to us mamas.

True very much considers himself a papa to his beloved "sockdog" lovies. And so you can imagine his pure delight when the sockdogs left him a Father's Day card. So sweet, you guys. My heart has been bursting all day because this truly was a magical moment for him and he's been thanking the sock dogs all day. He even told me he loved me "just a tiny bit lesser than the sockdogs but don't worry cause it's still love that goes around the earth 3 trillion times."

Celebrated so much today: my birthday with the families, Father's Day with the grands, the start of summer, and and and. These last two weeks have truly been remarkable.

Monday, June 22

Have been thinking about them, our country, all the work we've done, and all the brave work we still need to do. This illustration from Sarah Green is telling, sobering, and a gorgeous tribute to those who died.


Warrior optimist. I can't help it. You, too? Print available here.

Tuesday, June 23


Your heart will never be alone. Part of a new series created to celebrate togetherness in all of its forms. Print available here.

Summertime swim lessons for True at our neighborhood pool. Love watching him love it.

My house is so full of flowers right now it's a little ridiculous. These are for you.

Wednesday, June 24

Major inspiration lately. Gonna dive in and see what comes out. emojiemoji


Another piece in a new series dedicated to celebrating togetherness. Print available here.

Thursday, June 25

Currently working on a fun and colorful cubicle makeover for my friend Dani. This is the before. Stay tuned for the after!

And this is the AFTER.

Another view of the cubicle makeover I did today for my friend Dani. We brought in items from her home and spent $100ish dollars on fabric that we used to line the walls with, lamps, baskets, and few other decor items. Easy and reflects her love of purple and global decor. And worth it for a space she spends 40hrs a week in. Make your work spaces beautiful, friends! Dress them up in your joy!
You guys. I've got to give a huge shout out to Nicole. We have had hundreds of people sign up for our birthday bundle sale and she is doing her kindest work to make sure everybody is taken care of. Our inbox is off the charts yet she's rocking it with an amazing attitude.

Today at the water fountain park we witnessed a woman (mother?) being verbally unkind to a kid. I cringed. True stared. Later over an ice cream cone we talked about it, how it made us feel, and then we sent some 'love energy' to all parties involved. Still, it broke my heart a little. I want to protect him from the the world, but I also know that's impossible. I hope as he continues to see and experience and feel the harsher sides of life that he'll continue to talk with me about it. My hope is that he will grow up and remain sensitive and willing to do his part to make it better, because it needs better. And I definitely consider a good dose of love energy as a way of making it better.

Friday, June 26

Good Morning! And hello Friday. And oh my it's gonna be a hot one today in Portland! Sending love!

And it always wins. Really proud of the USA today. emojiemojiemojiemojiemoji

To the seekers of the world....Print available here.


Another one in a new series that celebrates togetherness. This one feels especially perfect for today.  Print available here.

Monday, June 29
Hello Monday. It's going to be in the 90s today so I'm working on the porch while I can.


Another one in my new series that celebrates togetherness. emojiemojiemoji Print available here.


Friends, I bought a new bike at my local bike shop, and I'm in love. Can't wait to dress this baby up with bags and baskets and start commuting everywhere. Huge giant thanks to my many local friends who have been inspiring me to commute more.

Tuesday, June 30

Current view. I know it's only Tuesday but I'm having one of those weeks where I'm feeling on top of things, which, you know is a very rare thing.

Art making. Loving how caked up my palette is with color. emojiemojiemojiemoji

 Sharing always wins. Love love love kids. They. Are. Awesome.

Wednesday, July 1

 Woke up this morning to this text message. Gotta love good friends and the 40th birthday celebrations that never end!

Just had a great meeting with potential videographer for my upcoming NEW ecourse called Spirit Wings: An Angel Painting Course to Inspire + Manifest Your Dreams. Announcing all the details in August. Stay tuned. I am crazy excited and these bee shoes inspire all the buzz. Did I just write that? Yes, yes I did. ps: shoes are Yoma brand

One of the best parts of being a licensing artist is when the artist samples arrive. I have been diving in, unpacking, and generally squealing with delight. Cannot wait to share it all with you, especially the scarves. They are the most gorgeous scarves I have ever seen. Not even kidding.

Thursday, July 2


Another one in my new series created to celebrate togetherness in families. Print available here.

I adore this Instagram community. It's real, authentic, creative, and encouraging. And although I don't measure my or anyone's worthiness by how many likes or followers they have, I do cherish this tribe. Thank you for following along in my little corner of the interwebs. I like you guys. A lot. PS: I made this image using yesterday's pic of my painting palette combined with rhonna designs app. Love that app!

That's it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae