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Friday, January 23, 2015

My Instagram Weekly Round Up – Studio Updates, DIY Fails, and Words to Live By

I'm obsessed with Instagram – it's my favorite online home! Here's a recap of my week, and for those of you who aren't on Instagram, come and join me!

Friday January16

Friends, the Dallas gift show is happening now. Loving this photo @demdaco sent over from the showroom showing my new holiday goods. #lovemyjob #grateful #kellyraeroberts

Saturday January 17

Twinkle lights are going up today. Hoping my energy continues to improve (entire family has had the flu, but I seem to be getting over it faster) so that I can work my decorating and organizing magic next week in this space. So ready! #kellyraesstudio

True and I just got up from an epic three hour nap and it looks as though Bella is still working on hers. Next to the fire, of course. #adogslife The rain outside today is intense and matched our day perfectly. Naps, cold meds, banana bread, and taking it easy. Later, I'm going to Netflix Advanced Style, the documentary about elderly women wearing their joy! Xxo

Today at the Dr's office (fever for days, just making sure it's not bacterial), she asked him if he had any questions. "Just one" he said before asking "do you know any good jokes?" She didn't know any so he offered up his: what did the papa tomato say to the baby tomato when he lagged behind? Ketchup! Later, when the Dr. was leaving the room he yelled after her "Hey Doctor! Be sure to retell that joke to the sick kids, okay?" You guys. This kid. He is so social. Helpful. Thoughtful. Endearing. The other day he dictated a thank you note to us for taking him to Disney. Often I wonder who is this kid? And everyday I'm just honored to hang with him. #trueelioorlando #kidsareourteachers

 Monday January 19

What a remarkable human being he was. I love how he continues to inspire millions, including me, to be brave, to stand up for what is right, to be the light. #bethelight #bethelove

It's move in day today. New studio, here we come. Do you spy my couch? So excited to see it again! Grateful that it's not raining today. Also grateful for Sunny, my mover who despite a hard life, including 19 mos as a Vietnam POW and the death of his beloved wife, has the most positive attitude ever. He says his rules in life are to respect and love the person in the mirror, laugh daily, and not to take life too seriously.

First things in. So far loving the colors. #kellyraesstudio

One of the best things about my new studio building is the huge park out front with views of downtown. I see future work picnic sessions for sure, if the dogs will allow:). Friends, it's hitting me. I think I'll be really happy here, or at least I hope to be given I signed a three year lease. #kellyraesstudio

First little area to kind of sort of look like something coming together. #eek #kellyraesstudio
Tuesday January 20

Current scene. Today is the first full day of unpacking. Mustering up my energy and determination to get er' done. #progress #kellyraesstudio

Yesterday my mover Sunny took one look at this suitcase and said "you must have been on another planet when you bought this thing." I didn't tell him it was MY artful suitcase, but I chuckled on the inside nonetheless. If I'm on another planet, then I sure do love it here. #kellyraeroberts

This area is coming together. This will be my painting table. Lots of rolling carts up against the wall for easy access to materials. Love the little built in drawers and shelving. #progress #gettingthere I likely have one more full day of unpacking and organizing. And then I'm on to more installation type decor for height. #kellyraesstudio

Wednesday January 21

I love my friends. They are my mirrors, my hope, my reminders for why I am here. This sweet text brought me to my knees. To every one of you out there, may you truly know that your voice, life, and story matter. And you are doing a beautiful job here at Earth school. Xxo Let's raise one another up and send some love today.  #sendlove #riseup

Adorable ribbon lantern going up. @lynzeelynx your feather lives on! Major progress today in the studio unpacking. More photos coming! #kellyraesstudio

Front of the old school where my new studio lives. #pinchme

I fashioned a curtain with PVC pipe to hide our little storage area. Now I'm draping extra fabric I had hanging around over the pipe. It's a no sew project as I'm just using pins and clips to fasten the fabric together. By the end it will be a patchwork of fabric scraps that make up the entire large curtain. This was a last minute idea. I'm hoping it works and looks cool. I'll keep you posted! #kellyraesstudio

Here's where I'm at right now. Hmmmm, jury's out. I'm gonna keep going and see how this turns out. #notquitesold

This will go down in history as a DIY fail. It looks like a giant square monster draped in old rags. Cracking up. I'm thinking I will replace this entire area with a very tall teepee that we can use as storage. Does anyone know where I can get a 12' teepee?

Whew. I am officially unpacked. This is the view from my desk. Nichole's (@freewitchnoguilt) desk is on the left and behind the green couch is my painting area. I still have a little left to do: figure out what to do above chalkboards (considering removable wallpaper), more plants, one more rug, and a new storage solution for my DIY fail earlier today. Otherwise, we are functional. Even got cable today. For those of you asking, there will be small (12 folks max) intimate workshops in this space. Stay tuned! And thanks for following along. I'll keep the photos coming as we settle in. #kellyraesstudio

Thursday January 22

Between the flu and then moving the studio, it's been DAYS (weeks?) since I put on makeup and wore an actual outfit. Feels really good to get #dressedupinjoy today. On the list today: some studio organizing (I think I have a plan to replace the DIY fail), send a newsletter, urgent emails, and a trip to the plant store. Happy Thursday friends! #thewearyourjoyproject

Dying over how Nichole's space turned out in the new studio. The rug from Target was the finishing touch. #kellyraesstudio

I apologize for my feed being hijacked by new studio pics! It's all I'm up to this week. Mr. true had a great idea to draw a hopscotch lane down the center of the floors with chalk and that is exactly what we did. #loveit #awesomeidea #thankstrue #kellyraesstudio #comingtogether

That's it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae

Friday, January 16, 2015

My Instagram Weekly Round Up – Self Care, True Time, and a Big, Exciting Move!

I'm obsessed with Instagram – it's my favorite online home! Here's a recap of my week, and for those of you who aren't on Instagram, come and join me!

Friday January 9

We. Are. Home. Loved our CA vacay, but I've never been happier to crawl in bed. I've got full-on sickies over here. Xxo friends. See you on the flip side. emoji #kellyraeshome

Saturday January 10

I've sleeping for hours and hours. Finally got up for more meds and a change of location on the couch. Meanwhile John went to the store for more drugs, fluids, and surprised me with a load of decor mags to keep me busy and lift my spirits. I am so thankful. #awesomehusband #thoughtful #theflu

Another photo from the #Atlantamart from @demdaco. Loving these updates. Show is still happening through the weekend! #kellyraeroberts #productswithsoul

Monday January 12

Feeling a teensy bit better today. One spoonful of this lemon, honey, and ginger concoction mixed in hot water = good for the sickies. Hope your Monday is off to a good start friends. I think I'm going to declare Feb 1 as the new Jan 1. Until then, I'm taking it eeeeaaaassyy.

True likes to write his classmate friends notes when he's not there. This was the note he had me dictate today and send via email. He decided to add "love" before and after his name. Thought that was super cute. Also like how he sold me out as the one who got the whole family sick. Love this kid. #trueelioorlando

Tuesday January 13

Finally feeling like I might be on the other side of it. Excited to dive into a little bit of work. Decided to get #dressedupinjoy for the small celebration on felling better. Hooray! This tunic pattern is from #indigojunction and big thanks to my mom for sewing it for me. #thewearyourjoyproject

A reminder to myself. A love note for you. Feel free to tag a friend or two you want to send this to. I'm tagging @matirose @brenebrown and @andreascher @lacylike Xxo #whatyoudomatters #sendlove

My version of True on the left. His on the right. His is waaaay cuter. #thoseears #trueelioorlando

Wednesday January 14

I moved out of my shared studio space (#soulshinestudio --> scroll to the bottom for the our studio pics) last May and have been without a true creative space since. Everything has been in storage minus a few essentials. I have to say that between moving homes last year along with the studio move along with big (good) transitions in my business, including new employees (who I LOVE), I have been feeling a little unmoored, like I've been in a holding pattern. The good news? We get keys this week to my new studio which is an old large (almost 900 sq feet!) classroom in an historic, renovated high school from the 1800s! Here's the "before" shot. Note the original chalkboards and huuugggee windows. Floor is being painted teal as I write this. Friends, I can feel in my bones that these last few months were necessary building blocks of slow and steady movement and waiting. And now with this new space I can feel it's time to up the volume. I am crazy excited. I'll share the progress of the space as it unfolds. It's gonna be gorgeous. I can feel it. #kellyraesstudio

You guys. Sneak peek of a couple of our new scarves. They are so deliciously artful and soft. I have loved all the scarves we've made but these take the cake. I'm doing a happy dance. They will make their way out into the world in a couple months. I love making products with meaning. I really really do.

Thursday January 15

Savoring these last couple of days of working from home. This was a cozy spot in the living room by the fire. Ahhhhhh. #kellyraeshome

Annnnnd we have teal floors. Are you worried? Stick with me. I have a vision! Up next: loads of string lights. #kellyraesstudio

Because who doesn't play the drums in their queen elsa costume? #lovethiskid #trueelioorlando

Friday January 16

Double tap if you're with me! I've been thinking so much about traveling light. Hard to do when the layers of life pile up, but I'm determined to only carry what is mine, and let the rest go. Here's to breath, courage, and traveling light. Xxo

You guys. The light. The light! And the original IBM school clock. #sigh Today we bought a couple vintage wooden teacher desks. String lights go up tomorrow. Move in day is Monday. Eeek. #kellyraesstudio

That's it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae

Friday, January 09, 2015

My Instagram Weekly Round Up – Disney Adventure, Soul Sisters, and "Perfect" Timing

I'm obsessed with Instagram – it's my favorite online home! Here's a recap of my week, and for those of you who aren't on Instagram, come and join me! A lot of updates this week – dispatches from the happiest place on earth, photos sent to me from DEMDACO and their showrooms featuring new new new products, and some wishes for you (yes you!). Check it out!


We are on our way to a little family adventure to California. Disney, warmth, sunshine. Good for the family soul. #pdxcarpet @pdxcarpet


#thehappiestplaceonearth #wearehere So far: tiger face painting, giant lollipop, tiki room, tarzan's treehouse, castle tour, and a performance with a band and all the characters. Interesting tidbit: True paid little attention to Mickey & Co but paid intense focused attention on the band instead. Later: swimming, teacups, and more. Love watching him light up here. #singingtrue
 All lit up here. I like it. Also, managed to sneak in a massage while my family napped and before we headed back in for rides. #selfcareonfamilyvacationsisamust #amirightoramiright?


You guys! This is part of my display in the @demdaco showroom at the #Atlantamart which is happening this week. The sail is made out of my scarves. How gorgeous is this? This is the first year in many that I won't be at the show, and I'm so thankful for friends who send photos like these! Thank you Demdaco. As always, the displays are gorgeous! Retailers, if you're in Atlanta this week, please stop by and check out all the new KRR goodies! Xxo #lovemyjob #kellyraeroberts I'll share more photos of new products once I get home from our CA family vacay.

You should have seen him with Anna & Elsa. He told them all about seeing the other characters, how he'd come back again in his astronaut outfit and help paint their fingernails hot pink like his. It was princesses all day today and fun in the water. And a Disney Jr. Show which he LOVED. This kid knows how to enJOY himself. Awesome to witness. #joy #trueelioorlando


Adding this one to the found hearts collection. Found while watching #trueelioorlando play in the water at CA adventure land.

Not the best photo but so glad I was able to capture this evening. We sat there for four hours talking about the stuff that matters. Life. Death. Spirit world. Transitions. Motherhood. Courage. Grief. Friendship. These girls are a part of my soul sister tribe and it felt like breath to spend precious time together inside a few hours of in person fellowship. #grateful #avacationhighlight @myriamjoseph @traceyclark

Received another photo of one of my displays in the @demdaco showroom at the #Atlantamart. This one captures a bit of my garden collection (my partnership with Demdaco includes gift, fashion, holiday, and our newest is garden!). I adore this collection that includes garden fairies, statues, signs, wooden art, vases, planters, wind chimes, plant stakes, and more. Retailers, head to the Demdaco showrooms this month at the trade shows to see more. Customers and friends, keep a look out for this collection in stores nationwide! And to Chad and Cory who designed these showroom scenes, thank you!!!! #proud #lovemyjob #kellyraeroberts

Double tap if you agree! #followyourmagic #whatiscallingyou



This #oldiebutgoodie painting of mine pairs perfectly with the quote I posted yesterday. Had to share. More than anything I believe in asking this question, really leaning in for the answer, and then taking small steps toward the life that is beckoning. Also, today we're heading to part two of our CA family vacay (Santa Monica!) and there is something about traveling that brings a lovely perspective and energy about considering such questions and then going home and starting anew. #love #whatiscallingyou #kellyraeroberts #mixedmediapainting

Goodbye DisneyLand. You were indeed magical and you were even kinda chill considering the masses of people. I loved watching #trueelioorlando light up. So much #joy. Raise your hand if you love Disney! emoji

Doodling while the boys watch soccer. #creativeplay

Whoa. Arrived in Santa Monica and the sunset greeted us with awesome. #nofilter Took a few minutes to take it in. #grateful #sunsetsaremiracles

Just heard about France. So much heartbreaking news all around the world. I'm gonna close my eyes and imagine radiating love out into the world. This is what I do, what makes me feel the tiniest bit better, like I'm doing my small part to help raise the vibration. I believe in prayer, lifting up our energies, and radiating our hearts, comfort, and love to wherever there is suffering. I know you're radiating too. emoji #prayersfortheworld #radiatelove


A couple of not so great things happened today on our CA vacay. I got super sick (feels like bronchitis) and yesterday John threw out his back. We did, however, manage to sneak in an outing and my spirit lifted when I spotted this cloud heart in the sky. #love #messsages #signs

And this. So much joy for nothing but a carousel ride and an ice cream cone. I love how he loves the little things. #kidsareourteachers #trueelioorlando

Sorry for the flood of pics. Feeling a bit better and wanting to share a few things before they become #latergrams. Earlier I ordered room service for some good ol fashioned chicken noodle soup and another heart appeared. This time a celery heart. #grateful #littlethings #love

Last photo! @demdaco texted this window display of some of my holiday products from the #Atlantamart showroom. That's a wooden slated tree in the middle that reads "may your heart be filled with peace and grace" and it's one of my favorite things we've ever made. Also, there's a star in there as well. Retailers, check out the Demdaco and Sylvestri showrooms this month. #goodstuff #newreleases #proud


Another photo from the @demdaco showroom of some of my wall art. The wall art is the heart and soul of my collection with demdaco. It debuted at the #Atlantamart in January 2009 and continues to be a best seller and anchor everything we do! The big pieces on the left are large manifestos. #lovemyjob #proud

More wall art in the @demdaco showroom at the #Atlantamart. Can't believe this journey started for me six years ago. I have learned so much about licensing, how to stay in my truth, how to grow as an artist, biz woman, and so much more. #grateful

That's it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, OR join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae