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Friday, April 24, 2015

My Instagram Weekly Round-Up: Prepping for Mama's Day, PDX Love, and Blooms Blooms Blooms


I'm obsessed with Instagram – it's my favorite online home! Here's a recap from the last two weeks, and for those of you who aren't on Instagram, come and join me! And you can click here to see all the Instagram updates right here on my blog!

Friday, April 17


“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ― Rumi

Our souls are awakening, seeking, discovering, blooming. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to simply let joy in and flow. I'm working on this shift, always. 

No filter! Gorgeous day in Portland today. If you need me, you can find me in this little slice of my backyard today. In between being still/quiet, I'm gardening and decorating and organizing today. Heart is happy.

Cheers to a day full of yard and house work. Now it's time to rest the bum and the feet and enjoy some hard cider. Yes. And did I mention it's in the 70's and the screen doors are up and I'm fully blissed out.

Saturday, April 18

Today is a really big day around here. I have unpacked the LAST box from when we moved in about 13 months ago. What a journey this has been. The best part? The Spirit Room is just about complete. You can see a glimpse of the altar we're in the process of creating (our first!). I put a childhood photo of myself and John on the altar as a reminder to nurture those sweet spirits as our own (because they are). Also loving the beautiful artisan dream catchers ( one for me, John, and True) that I commissioned from Rachael Rice over a year ago. They finally have a home here in this sacred space. Friends, I feel peaceful and a major sense of home and spirit. It's all coming together

Hummingbirds hold a special place in my and John's heart. On several occasions they have stopped directly in John's path and hovered over him. They are a reminder to us that we're on the right path, that cultivating Joy is worth it, and that we are held and guided. So. When these artisan curtains came to our attention, we had to have them. This is a favorite nook in our home because of the meaning.
Monday, April 20


Your heart will never be alone. We're celebrating mamas all week this week to get ready for Mother's Day (and who says mothers only get one day?)! All kinds of mamas – mentors, aunties, grandmamas too! To start, I wanted to share my favorite mama print, available in my shop!

We moved here from FL on a whim of instinct in 1999 and we've been here ever since minus a couple years in CA for John's grad school and a year in Seattle. As we've grown up here the last 16 years, we've watched this city grow up too and become a cultural phenomenon. We may groan from time to time about the rainy winters, the lack of diversity, the growing traffic issues, but I feel crazy fortunate to live here. Progressive, European-ish, beautiful, green, creative vibe, eco conscious, healthy, and non-sprawling. Very different from growing up in the grit and grace of the South where I'm from, which I do miss from time to time. But the PNW is in my bones now. And I'm never leaving.
Tuesday, April 21

I adore how he wears his picked flowers.


May we always be connected in our traveling journeys... One of my favorites from my latest collection! Inspired by my journey as a mama – the lessons, the discoveries, and of course, the journey...

For all the daughters and mamas out there, this one is for you. Loved + grateful. XO! 

Love always wins. Always.

More love. emojiemojiemojiemoji

Still getting frequent angel numbers. Man, I love how life gives us these little glimpses of confirmations and messages.
Thursday, April 23

Three years old. Only 1.5 years ago but what feels like a big big throwback. This kid. Sigh. Today he asked me to ask Nichole to send him some "love energy" because he had sent her some.

Current view. I've been in admin role all week cranking out some long standing projects/goals that are finally happening (hello, happy dance). Just moved my tired booty from my desk to this couch. Ahhh, much better.

That's it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Products We're Loving: Getting Ready for Mother's Day!

Friends, each week we try and highlight some of our gorgeous products that we want to share with you! Some new new new and some old favorites. Check 'em out below!

PS: All of the products featured below (and more) are sold online via the online retailer Garden Gallery Iron Works (a local shop here in the Portland area), but if you're looking for signed/matted prints, you can get these in my print shop

PPS: International customers, Garden Gallery is HAPPY to ship worldwide. Please email them at gardengalleryorders@gmail.com to get started. 


Friends, the new new new hanging angels are so sweet! This mother and daughter one reads "Dear Mom. You, me, hearts connected, spirits intertwined, side by side, now, forever, always. Always, always, always."

Mother's Day approaches! Get yours at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here!


This garden pick reads "Mother, you make my heart grow with love." !!! Perfect for accompanying a gift plant for Mother's Day. Just saying. 

Find it at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here!


This everyday ornament reads, "Grandma – you are a gift to this world." Perfect for honoring grandmas on Mother's Day, no?

You can find this ornament at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here!


Friends, I am very proud of this year's angel figures, and this one is close to my heart. She reads, "Dear Mom. I heart your heart. With you, I've learned to dream big, trust, and love wide. I count my lucky stars for you daily." These high-quality resin figures make great gifts.

Find this angel at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here!


I have this manifesto in my son's room. A favorite, for sure…..
I promise to come alive with joy when you enter the room.
I want you to feel loved and celebrated.
I promise to encourage you to dream big and reach toward possibilities.
I promise to create, play, dance, and sing with you. Joyful creative abandon will be valued.
I promise to show up, be present and truly engaged, when we''re together.
I want you to feel seen and heard.
I promise to practice gratitude with you so that we can feel joy and abundance in all things.
I promise to provide a safe, nurturing home where you have full permission to be who you are.
May our spirits be connected always.
May you always know how deeply you are loved, how your life shines brightly and how your heart is never alone.

Find it at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here!

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Instagram Weekly Round-Up: Won't You Be my Neighbor?

I'm obsessed with Instagram – it's my favorite online home! Here's a recap from the last two weeks, and for those of you who aren't on Instagram, come and join me! And you can click here to see all the Instagram updates right here on my blog!

Friday April 10


PS: Didn't get all you wanted done this week? Putting pressure on yourself with deadlines (I prefer "alivelines")? Were there things that you didn't do perfectly? I don't believe in perfection. Let's all let it go. And be gentle with ourselves. Permission granted.

I love that three poppies bloomed on our porch this week. One poppy for each of us.

Today is red cowgirl boots. All day long. I wore them to help me kick bootie as I do a full days work of admin stuff.

Hello weekend. So glad you are here! 

Saturday April 11

You guys. We put up a poetry post in our front yard. I'm in love. In our last house we had a Little Free Library, but when we moved to his street last year they already had three libraries on the street (hello Portland!) so we opted for a Poetry Post. The plan? Weekly poetry or love notes or art or or or or. I am loving how folks are stopping to read. Great way to build neighborhood community. Love.

Another view of our new Poetry Post. Big thanks to my dad for building it for us! Ps: you can see that our fairy garden is growing in the background!!

Sunday April 12

Sunday's are for Pip's donuts that have heart-shaped donut holes.

Sweet, full weekend with my boys. Now I'm in bed, heading to sleep with lots of gratitude in my heart. Looking forward to the week ahead: hanging with my online students, creative play on the canvas, writing The Wear Your Joy Project ecourse, a birthday party, a fundraiser, a dinner party, and even gonna try to finish the last room in the house (the spirit room), which at this moment looks like a storage unit. Taking it all one day at a time and giving myself lots of permission to take it slooow. ps: on "full" vs "busy": full life feels like I own it it all, and at my own pace. Busy life feels like a constant nagging to-do list on someone else's (usually my own gremlin in my head) terms. I prefer full. Know what I mean? Full=full of love. Busy=a race. Words matter. Lots of intention behind how we speak about our lives. This I believe!
Monday April 6


Seeker of all things brave. “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” ― Nelson Mandela Let's seek bravery this week. Let's acknowledge the fear , sit with it, and see what happens when we move beyond it. I deeply believe in practicing courage everyday. In those hard conversations. In self care. In setting boundaries. In creating new ways of being and living in the world. Yes yes yes.

Current view. This is the very last room in our home that needs some love. It's been a storage room for a year (it's been sllloooww going, this moving in and making it our own, which has been a beautiful and sometimes hard journey of lessening the grip and hold on control. All good.) We have just cleared out all the boxes and made piles for donation, trash, etc. Now begins the fun: transform this room into a Spirit Room using stuff we already have. Intention for this room: a quiet calm place to meditate, stretch, think, read, relax, and cultivate awakening. A true bonus room for our little family.

Current view. I've had an urge to splash some paint around. Gonna start with this current background and see where it goes. Staying late at the studio..... 
Current view. Long way to go with this one but I'm so glad to have made some time for playing, experimenting, unleashing, and having zero idea where this one is headed.
 Goodnight studio. 
Tuesday, April 14


You can rest inside the truth that you are enough (as is). Live this truth, love this truth.

Pink leaves everywhere this morning. Love.

Also, woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Dragging, a little grumpy, and little bleh. Forced myself to unhook from stories in my head and decided to wear something I haven't worn in a loonng time. It worked and I got dressed up in joy in an old ruffly skirt and ruffly cardigan. Result: still a hard morning, but this project helped lift my spirits.

Current view. He's on one side of the easel, I'm on the other. He will spend long stretches of time painting and marking up the canvas and I love watching him. Today he said, "mama, painting is worth it." When I asked him what he meant he said "because markers take FOREVER and it wears me out."

Stormy sky. But do you spy a heart?
Her favorite moments were those when she let go Of all expectations and worries And just simply celebrated the very moment she was living. A daily reminder for me….wanted to share it with you, too.

Lunchtime walk. After a few days of cold rain, I am savoring this. This. This. This.

Another found heart. This time over chips and drinks with John this afternoon.

Thursday April 16

Total bliss for me to hang with preschoolers this morning. They are the most loving, sweet, fun, imaginative bunch. My love well is FULL.


Always a favorite manifesto: I heart your heart Because you inspire me to reach and grow and become who I was meant to be. Because you've taught me so much above love, trust, friendship and hope. Because you have been a witness to my life in progress, always showing grace in times when you could have shown judgment. Because when I think of those who have deeply, profoundly affected my life, I think of you. Because you always know what to say and how to kindly nurture my tender pieces. Because you've laughed with me, cried with me, celebrated with me. You see me clearly, and I see you. May we always be connected in our traveling journeys, and may you always know how deeply you are loved, how your life shines brightly, and how your heart is never alone. I count my lucky stars for you, every single day.

Today was a day of being mama all day long in the middle of the workweek. Bliss! There was a hike with 15 preschoolers who hugged me, kissed me, and put flowers in my hair. There was an after school play date at the park where I got to hold a precious 5 mo baby for a bit. And later there was even a magical birthday party for a sweet 4 yr old girl where good, connected conversation was had with other mamas. I managed to squeeze in a trip between dates to the Spirit bookstore where I bought some soul fuel in the form of an angel card deck (my first) and a poetry book by David Whyte (a fave). Verdict? A really good day. Tomorrow I'm back to work work for real and I'm feeling mighty inspired.

That's it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae